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Aepiphanni Business Consulting is an Atlanta, Georgia-based Growth Consulting Firm that focuses on helping small business leaders CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD extraordinary businesses.Our primary service offerings include business coaching, business consulting and outsourced operations management (COO). Our goal is not to be experts in every field, but rather, use systems and tools to help you run and grow your small business, better. Our hope is that every company we work with pursues the goal of being extraordinary.

  • Extraordinary Mindset: We believe in helping good businesses pursue the goal of becoming extraordinary ones
  • Operations Management: Business Development, Revenue Generation, Profitability, HR and Outsourced Services Management and Product Development before, during and after growth cycles
  • Business Strategy: Developing a plan for a sustainable future for your company, defining needs, interests, identifying resources. Areas of focus include overall business, marketing and business development strategies.
  • Virtual Infrastructure: Today’s businesses must remain agile with low costs and high adaptability to the changing marketplace. Work, Etc., has developed the most inclusive virtual infrastructure for managing growing small businesses.

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