Virtual In-Person and Hybrid Consulting Consulting

Virtual, In-Person and Hybrid Consulting

Consistent and clear communication is our commitment

We understand your desire to have a reliable consulting team and an excellent communication that is not limited by distance or time. That’s why we set creative communication models which provides you and your team a good option despite busy schedules and out-of-town trips.

Face-to-face communication

Face-to-face or In-person communication is often conducted when we work with a leadership team and board of directors or when we provide some types of training. The place is arranged prior to the meeting, and can be in our site or your site. In all our years of experience, face-to-face meetings always work well.


Virtual Communication

Some of our clients are hundred miles away from our office, but never did they felt distant, because we utilize the latest virtual communication tools to reach each other. We use a virtual meeting space with a camera and recorded sessions. We either use an app or call in on the phone.

Hybrid Consulting

Hybrid consulting is a combination of the virtual and in-person consulting, where we might be on site once or twice a month, then work virtually for the remaining time so that we continue to have regular engagements. The work moves forward at an appreciable rate and costs of travel can be either reduced or eliminated when comparing our offering versus that of a local firm.


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