US Bailouts? Small Businesses Getting…

You know, when you look at what is going on in our economy, you should be as angry as I.

SBA Loan Cap Hits Minority Owners

Basically, this is saying that the SBA has decreased the number of loans that it is backing for small businesses, specifically those that are called Community Express Loans – generally in the neighborhood of about $5,000 – $25,000.  The purpose of the loans was to help minority business owners get smaller loans to start businesses.  Two thins have happened: 1) the parameters of the loan have changed, allowing the loans for a wider scope of buyers, for a number of new types of applications for the loan, making it less minority focused.

At the same time, the US government (no – not the US citizens) is seeking to bail out the US Auto Industry, directly.  This are the companies that have CEO’s with the foresight and wisdom to fly to Washington in private jets to meet with Congress.  It’s sort of like going through some of the less affluent neighborhoods around the country and seeking $50,000 SUV’s that are equipped with $50,000 in upgrades.  Something is wrong with that picture.

Lastly, I am hearing county after county after city after city that needs to cut funding and increase law enforcement.  They are cutting education and libraries.  I wonder –

Do you think that there is a correlation between education and criminal activity? 

Hmmm…so, as usual, let’s further empower those that have money and destabilize the rest of the country.  It sounds like the same power struggle we see in other developing countries.

This is so wrong.  What message is the SBA sending to all of the hard-working Americans out there who are struggling to get by?

What hope is there for the thousands who have gotten laid off of their corporate jobs, and need to start a business in order to subsidize their incomes?  What about those who have retired and are finding that their social security benefits just aren’t covering their needs?

When organizations begin cutting out their backbone, thinking no one will see, they essentially begin to erode from the inside out.  We’ve spent billions on insurance, banking, Wall Street and the auto industry, then turned and taken the backing (note – not the SBA doesn’t give out cash) for small business loans.

Oh, yeah…that’s right – for the past ten years, it’s a test program.  This needs to be on the list of “Change We Can Believe In!”image

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