Trust and Leadership

Being in a position of authority and doing the right thing are two things that should go in hand.  Both are trust issues – from the perspective of a follower, how can I follow a leader that I cannot trust?  If I cannot trust someone to do the right thing, why would I put them in a leadership position?

A friend of mine had a pit bull.  The dog was strong and beautiful.  At the same Small Business Consulting - Trust and Leadershiptime, it was vicious.  Anyone who came near the dog would get snapped at or bitten.  There were no options there.  We warned him that the dog might turn on him one day, to which he would only smile.

One day and 32 stitches later, the dog turned on him and attempted to remove my friend’s arm from his body.  Some people might say that it wasn’t the dog’s fault; that’s the dog’s nature.  That’s what it does.

As you think about your organization and how you are perceived, or you think about the presidential elections, and how the candidates promote themselves, look at tactics – the fruits of their work.  Look at interactions between people – is it forced?  Is it consistent?  Look at interactions between rivals.  How are they focused?

Said or unsaid, the way you present yourself and your company and the way you respond, react and interact with your staff and your clients will be the telling factors about your leadership style.  Your customers notice, and they will honor what they see.  If they like it, they will probably continue with you.  If they don’t you won’t win their trust back.  No one wants to get bitten.

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