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Making a new IT purchase: Is your phone/tablet/computer really worth it?

It seems like every couple of months, some new mobile device comes out, whether it is an iPhone, a tablet, the world’s thinnest computer or some related device.  These devices are touted as the “must have” because they are the most beautiful, sexy, versatile – you-can-do-anything with them phones in the world.  With a strong media blitz behind them, one might begin to wonder if the devices can walk on water.

Several things should be taken into consideration when purchasing a device:

  • Purpose – like setting expectations for something.  What do you expect to accomplish as a result of this purchase.  Is it to take pictures and videos in addition to managing email and talking on the device?  What are the priorities and specifications you need to overcome
  • Functionality – sometimes, we over or under purchase based on where we are “right now.”  For example, the iPhone is presented with a software called Siri. that allows you to get information from it such as weather, maps, music and news.  What you must ask yourself is: will I really use that or is it just pretty stinkin’ cool?  Rule of thumb: Cool is cool, by definition, but there are usually $$ attached to cool.
  • Lifestyle” or the way you work: While devices have become smaller and more mobile, the likelihood of completing a complicated presentation on a 3.5” device – while doable – is not practical.  If you tend to be clumsy, or work in an environment where your device could get damaged, take it into consideration.  Don’t wait until you have broken a few.
  • Bling” – what do you have to have in order to do the things you want to do with the device?  Do you need a mobile phone plan?  Do you need to purchase some sort of protective covering?  A data plan?  Internet?

Finally, and most importantly, you want to consider The Out.  The bottom line:  What is the device really going to cost you, and what kind of return should you expect.  For example: You take advantage of a great T-Mobile phone deal.  Calculate into that the cost of the phone, the cost of the contract, the cost of the warranty on the phone.  Separately, determine what you can accomplish with the phone and what you would need to add to the phone (if necessary) to accomplish it and add that to the price of the phone you just calculated.  Puts a different $$ figure on the phone, right?  That “Free” phone is suddenly looking like $1800 or more, right?  This isn’t the end of the story: how many deals would you have to complete using that phone to cover the cost of the phone?  Would you be able to do enough business or save enough time as a result of the purchase of the item  to justify that expense?


As a business leader, you need to make all of your purchasing decisions along these lines.  At a time when technology is everywhere, and it is so easy to get wrapped up in, or overwhelmed by the purchase process, putting together a process like this will make sure that you are making good investments for your company.

When making IT purchasing decisions, don’t just buy just because.  Consider the out.  Build an extraordinary business. 

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