The Aepiphanni Process

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Every company is different and exists in different phases of development.

Not every company has the same starting point.

Not every company seeks the same endpoint.

But every company deserves to have a logical creative process to address their unique concerns that result in a sustainable solution for their company. Using a process to arrive at this solution ensures that we have a tried and tested methodology that ensures that we don’t leave any rock unturned, and is a basis for quality and improvement in every engagement.


The Business Lifecycle

Every business goes through phases – startup, growth, maturity, and decline – or Existence, Evolution and Emergence. As you can see from the diagram, each phase, businesses have different needs and priorities that need to be addressed.

Understanding where your business is in its lifecycle lets us work with you to create solutions that are appropriate for your company. The priorities of a 100 person firm are not the same as those for a single person virtual company.

Furthermore, a company in its startup phases are going to have different needs than those that are in more mature phases.

So your solutions that are recommended for your company will be those that can work for your company where you are to help you get where you are going.


The Aepiphanni Process

The Aepiphanni Process is the phased approach that we use in order to CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD solutions for our clients.

  •  Triage – a general diagnostic phase that addresses any immediate needs the company has
  • Discovery – a deeper gathering of information about the company, industry, competitors, customers, practices, etc
  • Analysis – understanding of what the gathered information means and how it could impact the company and its business practices
  • Aepiphanni – brainstorming based on the new information – this is the CREATION phase
  • Modeling – creating financial and operational models of how the company changes will look – this is the DESIGN phase
  • Planning – building a step-by-step set of procedures and goals to move the company from its present situation to the approved model
  • Implementation – bringing the plan to reality, monitoring for changes and opportunities, evaluating and mitigating risk
  • Advisory – recognizing the physical and mindset changes are often individual, working with the firm to make sure the change stays

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