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Be an Effective Leader of Your Remote Fleet


The adoption of the internet has created a drastic change in the way we do business around the world. Now, we can reach out to people around the planet and have face-to-face conversation with them as easily as we could with a friend living right down the street.

This has given rise to virtual teams – teams who work outside of the traditional office environment. While many small business owners are working from home or out of their homes, many large companies are embracing this way of doing business, finding that the lower cost of real estate and other assets while getting the same or increased level of productivity make the option very attractive.

While both Yahoo! and Best Buy have shut down their remote working policies, Unilever supports 100,000 of its 171,000 employees working remotely, reports Forbes.

Despite the financial benefits of working with remote teams, running a remote team is not the same as running a team in your office. If you find yourself managing a team made up of both local and remote employees, there are a number of practices you must employ in order to create a successful, productive team.

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