Backing it Up | Extraordinary Business

Absolutely Terrible Telecom Co. One of the world’s largest telecom agencies has the habit of boasting about how big they are, how fast they are and that sort of thing.  They tend to buy up competition and technology at what seems to be an alarming rate and have been given leeway to dominate the marketplace.  Interestingly, despite its boasts, it still has one of the highest consumer dissatisfaction rates in the world.  You have to ask yourself: how successful could the company be if they put more effort into lowering the customer service?

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Asleep at the Wheel | Extraordinary Business

too quiet. You can’t help but excuse the place, “Well, I am here just to pick up a widget or two,” knowing that if there was another place you could get it, you would be there in a heartbeat.  Nonetheless, out of curiosity, you begin looking for the management, and you see a slightly disheveled … Read more

Muddy Footprints | Extraordinary Business

I have two big labs that love to play out in our backyard, which, thanks to them, has more mud then grass.  When they come in the house, of course, their big paws are usually full of mud, so we (less than) gleefully wipe their paws each time when they come in so that they … Read more

Welcome to 2010

Happy New Year! The title sounds like the ominous beginning to a Science Fiction novel or movie from years gone by.  They probably would have said something about the advances in technology, such as deep space flight, robotics and artificial intelligence and cellular phones.  They would also talk about society – usually in terms of … Read more

Handling the Holidays

Interestingly, over the past five or ten years or so, there has been increased controversy over the holiday season.  People are becoming afraid to offend someone, and thus avoid saying things such as “Merry Christmas,” and the like.  Business leaders seem to have great contention over how to decorate offices, send holiday cards, etc. As … Read more