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Seven Steps to Targeting Your Company’s Niche Market

imageLooking at the business scape, and the market scape, you could probably figure out pretty quickly that not everyone out there is your market.  If you aren’t a market leader, such as Wal-Mart or Target, you probably don’t have much control over who that market is.  The reality is that despite our best efforts, most of the time, our markets will choose us – including what we provide, how we offer it, the price they will pay for it and how they get it.

If you compare your business to a vehicle, you’ll note that there are vehicles that are meant for speed, others that are meant for touring, others, still, that are meant for off-road experiences.  The models are created to meet the purchaser’s expectations at a price, level of service and expectation that meets the expectations of the desired consumers.

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Taking it to Them!: Leveraging Personalized Services

One of the value propositions small businesses have is the ability to customize their service level, going far above and beyond what most larger organizations can afford to duplicate.  While they are forced to deal with the politics and shear volume, small businesses have the opportunity to develop deeper, more personal relationships with clients, vendors … Read more