Market Assessment Series: Part 6 | Extraordinary Business


Question 6: Who will our competitors be in the new market? Why do customers buy from these market players? And above all, what do we need to do to make them buy from us? In the sixth part of our market assessment series, we’ll discuss one of the most crucial aspects of entering any market – the competition. Who will your company, your products and services be competing against? You should also know why people are buying from these market players. And of course, you must find out what it is you need to do to make them buy from you and drive customer satisfaction.

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What Makes You so Special | Guest Post By Craig Tilley

unique value

WHY SHOULD A PROSPECT BUY FROM YOU RATHER THAN YOUR COMPETITORS? As you may know, most product driven web sites or email ads are passed over or deleted without entirely being read. However, there are a few sites and email ads that get read entirely and inevitably make loads of sales. The following is one of the primary ingredients successful email ads and web sites have that 99% of the failures don’t…U.S.P! UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP) Your USP is what makes your advertised product offer unique from all the rest. It is, “Why a prospect will take the time to read your ad and buy from you rather than your competitors?”

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