Ted Cruz’s Marathon Speech–Strategic Thinking | Extraordinary Business

Learn how Senator Ted Cruz leveraged his gifts to gain a strategic foothold and how to apply it to running your company.

senator_ted_cruzFrom watching clips of Ted Cruz’s all night speech, it is clear that Senator Cruz is a committed individual and an incredible speaker. What’s more is that he used his gift as a speaker to pursue a vision that he has. He did it in a way that was very public, drew attention and demonstrated a clear advantage – a glaring point of differentiation between himself and other Senators.

Essentially, he found something that he wanted and found a way to leverage what he was better at than most people to pursue his goal. Which is a great lesson for any of us who are interested in doing anything significant.

What is important, however, that despite not achieving what appeared to be his short term goal, he planted himself in the minds of voters as someone who can get the job done.

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