Goal for 2010: Become a CEO

In a couple of weeks, we will be looking at entering the holiday season.while some businesses are ramping up for phenomenal sales, and others are preparing for their slowdown, the question for both is – are you ready?  One of my partner’s, Kris Cavanaugh at Shift, Inc., tells her clients to “Live Life on Purpose” … Read more

Only Nine Months to Go!

here. MANAGE YOUR TIME! A tool that I’ve used to help me move my goals forward is Franklin-Covey’s PlanPlus software. There is a standard XP version. However, I use the Outlook Plugin. PlanPlus gives me additional options with respect to managing my emails, tasks, projects, goals and overall time management, such as weekly planning, project … Read more

Who Are We and What Should We Do Next? SWOT Your Business!!

SWOT Analysis

“Know thyself,” says Socrates. “To thine own self be true,” quotes the Bible. Do you know yourself? Do you know your business? Where your business fits into the marketplace is one of the most overwhelming yet most important evaluations you can make in your business. Are you a market leader? Are you slowly (or quickly!) losing market share? What new policies could result in costs being cut? What are some economic indicators that could wipe your business out while you’re not looking? While you may be aware of some or all of these, what methods do you have as part of your business model to evaluate them on an ongoing basis? How do you know when things change? How are you leveraging what you do well? A simple tool that many businesses and consultants use is called a SWOT analysis.

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