No Room for the Faint Hearted | Extraordinary Business

Get moving or get out of the way.  Business leadership is full of risks.

imageWhen I was in middle and high school, I remember a number of students who found ways to make money; such as selling candy and pencils in the hall, doing other people’s homework or giving people rides home in their cars.  There was always a risk of getting caught, which wasn’t without consequences, but this didn’t stop the people who were really committed to having some money.

Risk is still a very real part of business ownership today, and the consequences could be more devastating, in some cases.  Regardless.  Business leaders, if you want to build a strong business, you have got to learn to eat risk for breakfast.  When you started your company, you had only a 30% chance of being successful.  Do what it takes.  Be tough.

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Getting it Done…or Not! | Extraordinary Business

Measuring Effectiveness of Business Development Activities

imageAs business leaders, we are probably in the mode of trying to determine how we will get and close the next sale.  It might look like setting up a web page, purchasing an SEO and maintenance package, tweeting, blogging, posting to LinkedIn, joining other social networks and purchasing advertising.  Then sitting back and wondering what is working and what is a waste of time and money.

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The Loss of Moss | Extraordinary Business

Keep Moving Forward
It’s interesting how life changes; it seems that there are so many times when there were things that were thought to be “in balance” that suddenly get “out of whack.”  There are those things that were taken for granted as always being available that suddenly are gone or inaccessible.

When these things happen, we typically only have two options: get stuck or move on.

Chances are, if you let yourself get stuck, you are creating or continuing a mindset that will never allow you to move beyond mediocrity.  You’ll get sad and depressed, probably start blaming yourself and/or other people and generally make the people around you miserable.

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“I-Centricity” | Extraordinary Business

“I-centricity” is the phenomenon wherein a person exists solely and completely for their existence.  No matter what the cost, they will do what it is they feel will be the highest and best benefit for themselves.  Unfortunately for them, no one is completely independent and thus, this type of thinking will eventual erode whatever level of success and happiness they sought to embrace.  It is irresponsible and has been the root cause of corporate and economic collapses such as Enron, Wall Street and other catastrophes of recent memory.

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It's 08.08.08…Do You Know Where Your Website Is?

I was doing some research for a client recently and came across a website called the website grader –  This was an amazing site: it gave me a real-time analysis of my website and some recommendations on how I could better structure it.  As someone who feels that “websites are the windows to the … Read more