Taking the Long View

Charles Du Bois, Literary Critic said, “The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” Right now, your business might be struggling; bills are late, vendors are charging more for less product, customers are starting to spend, but not to the level you need them to.  You are getting more deals, but they aren’t as profitable as they once were.  The challenge this week: make payroll, or your employees are going to start to look for something else. Then someone sends you an email that starts with, “Happy Thursday!” Hmmmm…where could this mental catastrophe go?  Well, you could become completely immersed in the problems of the day and of the moment, keeping your head to the grindstone, firing employees, cutting back on marketing and slashing costs everywhere.  The problem is that you could liken this to readying a book, and basing the whole book on the chapter you are on. What if, instead, you took the long view?

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Know Your Role…

Have you ever looked around your company, thinking to yourself that you have all of the parts and pieces in place, but couldn’t figure out what was missing? Can you look around and see that you are doing a lot of great things, but not really making progress? Are you somewhat unclear about where the … Read more