4 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them | Extraordinary Business


faux pas made by your peers, it’s entirely possible for you and your business to emerge from the five-years of hard work with positive financial prospects. To discover the major mistakes that many entrepreneurs make – and how you can avoid them – keep reading!

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The State of Social 2018 Report | Extraordinary Business

According to a report by emarketer.com, nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide used a social network regularly in 2017. That is a huge audience to tap into! There is now a lot more to social media engagement than just driving traffic. With the everchanging social media trends, entrepreneurs and business owners find it even more important to adapt to these changes.

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5 Ways Your Company Can Use Technology to Improve Customer Service | Extraordinary Business

customer service

Customers expect more from companies today than they ever did before. But the best in business don’t make the mistake of considering these rising customer demands as a “problem.”  Rather, they take them as signals to adapt the way they conduct their business, which includes evolving their treatment of customers. Let’s look at five ways your company can use technology to improve customer service.

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Business Development in 2017 – What You Are Missing | Extraordinary Business

Small and medium-sized businesses are often tempted into thinking that they don’t need to market their products or services. This complacency usually arises when the business has a loyal set of customers and growing revenues and profits. The company owner thinks that when the firm already has more customers than it can handle, it would be a waste to spend on business development.

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Five Things You Might Not Know About Twitter | Extraordinary Business

Tips and Tools to Enhance Your Company Twitter Streams

Depositphotos_10159093_xsSocial media is one of those topics and activities that seems to be everywhere today. It appears that most businesses have some sort of online presence beyond a website. Often, they are engaging people through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler, and a number of other tools.

The problem that many businesses and business owners face is determining how to justify the commitment required to build an audience and maintain a presence, then how to leverage these virtual relationships.

Blogger Holly Glendale shares a post that details five different things about Twitter and ways that you can use them to enhance your business visibility and boost good feelings toward your brand.

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Why does your company need to be on Twitter? Why not? Twitter has more than 140 million active users in the US alone, Media Bistro notes, and if you’re selling a consumer product, those users could be your customers.

Using various Web tools for your company’s Twitter stream can affect your account and the number and quality of followers you have. Here are some tips and tools to either get started or grow your Twitter presence:

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