Only the Beginning

Do you ever think about what makes extraordinary companies extraordinary?  Not just from a financial standpoint, but from an all around standpoint.  Not looking at the size of the company, but rather the impact it makes.  Not looking at salaries and benefits, but rather employee commitment.  Not looking at growth potential but rather, a shared … Read more

Think About it.Write it Down

One of my mentors – Dr. Ike Rieghard, said to me that unrealized visions are.hallucinations.  Meaning that a vision is some place or some situation in which you can picture yourself of your business.  For example, my vision is to be an educator of strategic planning, strategic foresight and servant leadership.  If I never do … Read more

The Successful Salesperson

Think about this: what would happen to your business if you shamelessly passed along information that you think would be of value to others as part of your business model?  How do you think you would be seen in the community as you passed more and more info along?  Do you think it would be … Read more