“I-Centricity” | Extraordinary Business

“I-centricity” is the phenomenon wherein a person exists solely and completely for their existence.  No matter what the cost, they will do what it is they feel will be the highest and best benefit for themselves.  Unfortunately for them, no one is completely independent and thus, this type of thinking will eventual erode whatever level of success and happiness they sought to embrace.  It is irresponsible and has been the root cause of corporate and economic collapses such as Enron, Wall Street and other catastrophes of recent memory.

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Extraordinary Business: Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes, we have those days when you can’t help but look around you and say to yourself, “This is ridicules!!” The funny thing is, in fact, that it probably is.  So many things happen that are outside the realm of our control that we cannot possibly plan for every scenario! There’s an Aepiphanni for you.  … Read more