Sustainable Communities | Extraordinary Business

The Marketplace – including customers, clients, potential clients and other businesses Vendors – people who we purchase goods and services from who essentially make it easier to do our business Employees – people who work for us and essentially are the driving forces behind our businesses Investors – who have demonstrated and put money behind … Read more

Getting the Word to the Masses | Extraordinary Business:

any, despite the fact that they are cute, fun, purebred and the sire comes from a great bloodline. Many business leaders approach their marketing with the same perspective: they’ve got a great product or service, and feel that simply because they exist, they are entitled to market share.  Furthermore, they feel as that business cards, … Read more

Asleep at the Wheel | Extraordinary Business

too quiet. You can’t help but excuse the place, “Well, I am here just to pick up a widget or two,” knowing that if there was another place you could get it, you would be there in a heartbeat.  Nonetheless, out of curiosity, you begin looking for the management, and you see a slightly disheveled … Read more

It’s Been Done, Before | Extraordinary Business

How many iterations of the restaurant are there? How many iterations of the fast food restaurant are there? How many iterations of the fast food restaurant focusing on hamburgers are there? How many iterations of the fast food restaurant focusing on hamburgers and fries are there? …and on and on. That goes to show you … Read more

Extraordinary Business: Keep Moving Forward

Sometimes, we have those days when you can’t help but look around you and say to yourself, “This is ridicules!!” The funny thing is, in fact, that it probably is.  So many things happen that are outside the realm of our control that we cannot possibly plan for every scenario! There’s an Aepiphanni for you.  … Read more

Re-Trenching – New Objectives

As a younger man, I was enlisted as a soldier in the US Army.  Part of our basic training had to do with combat, which included building fighting positions, digging trenches and keeping morale up.  Our goal, always, was to move forward in order to achieve a particular objective, which was always part of a … Read more

Don't Wait – Plan for Success

Have you ever walked into a department store, gotten your items and headed toward the line, where there were 15 or so people waiting to check out?  How do you feel when you notice that there are 10 lanes that are unoccupied, and no one there to operate them?  If you are like me, you … Read more

Leveraging Your Strengths

As a business leader, it’s always interesting being in a position to ride out a recession.  I can’t help but wonder what will be different.  How will consumer preferences change?  How will their spending patterns change?  What are businesses doing to regroup?  How many businesses merged and what will they look like when they emerge? … Read more

Open Your Eyes! Seeing Opportunities

This morning, I told my five-year-old son to go into the kitchen and get his jacket.  He returned to the kitchen a short while later stating that he couldn’t find the jacket.  I told him he should have put it away so he would know where it was.  He told me that he’d put it … Read more

Goal for 2010: Become a CEO

In a couple of weeks, we will be looking at entering the holiday season.while some businesses are ramping up for phenomenal sales, and others are preparing for their slowdown, the question for both is – are you ready?  One of my partner’s, Kris Cavanaugh at Shift, Inc., tells her clients to “Live Life on Purpose” … Read more