Keepin' it Movin'!: Motivation to Continue to Strive

I believe in always looking forward. I believe in sharing goodwill. I believe that community starts with me. I believe that my company is here to serve. I believe. What do you believe?  What are you doing about it? Where ever we start out, we start out with an idea or a dream.  We want … Read more

US Bailouts? Small Businesses Getting…

You know, when you look at what is going on in our economy, you should be as angry as I. SBA Loan Cap Hits Minority Owners Basically, this is saying that the SBA has decreased the number of loans that it is backing for small businesses, specifically those that are called Community Express Loans – … Read more

Integrity and Sustainability

CNN – Powell Choice Of Obama A Slap To GOP, Analysts Say.  One of the reasons for Powell’s decision was based on the negative campaign being run by the GOP. While his decision and explanation carry much more weight, there are many people – inside and outside of America who may feel the same way.  … Read more

2008 Olympics Exploited!!

$1 Billion dollars in advertising revenue and a great big smile. You would have thought he’d won all of the gold medals at the 2008 Olympics. Nope! In 14 days, a major broadcaster will have received$1 Billion in revenue as proceeds from ads run at the Olympics. This made front page news. Something is wrong … Read more