Market Assessment Series: Part 4 | Extraordinary Business

Buying Habits

Question 4: What are the new market’s buying habits and how can these be exploited? Knowing the buying habits of a market is critical for any business hoping to sell in that market. This is what we’ll discuss in this post, the fourth in our market assessment series.

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Outsource! Bring in the Pros!

website monitoring

Take, for example, a website:  A company’s website is often the first thing a prospective client might go to when considering doing business with a company.  (According to, a recent DoubleClick study suggest that more than 50% of people will look at a  company’s website before making a purchase decision.)  They’ll look at site … Read more

Business Development | Extraordinary Business

How to get and manage more customer relationships One of the greatest challenge many business owners face is in business development.  Time and time again, business opportunities are simply lost as a result of having poor or no business development processes in place.  Those business that expect to have staying power in the marketplace must … Read more