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Building a Successful Lead Generation Strategyimage

Since Aepiphanni opened in 2005, I have had a lot of time to evaluate the small business marketplace.  I’ve heard a lot of talks, attended workshops, read articles and the like on lead generation.  Many people have told me that there are certain, specific things that have to be done in a very specific way that everyone is doing and therefore, I should do it, too.

My frustration has always been that “if everyone else is doing it, there is nothing unique about my approach, therefore, my results cannot be more than mediocre.”  It appears like fishing for trout in a shark tank – everyone is trying to get the trout – including the sharks, so success has got to be dismal at best.

Simply put: this method isn’t sustainable, so I “went to work.”

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Never Compromise Your Integrity to Get the Sale

A friend of mine, Doug Grady, President of the High Achiever’s Network, recently shared a post on his website about an experience he had at an event where a gentleman was sharing his business development strategies.  Doug is a seasoned sales professional with more than 25 years “in the game.”  He’s taught sales to companies all over the United States and has endorsements from names like Zig Zigler and Brian Tracy.

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