Why It Just Ain’t Working

business process management

4 reasons business process management is critical to your company’s “leveling up.” So, he got a new client. This one is a BIG one. He gets his team scrambling to get paperwork, initiate billing, schedule meetings and God knows what else as he thinks only about how to keep the client now that he’s finally hooked them!  He feels that it is up to only him to make it happen as quickly as possible! If I had a dime for every time…

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Accomplishing Your 2014 Goals | Extraordinary Business

How using tactics from project managers can help you successfully accomplish your 2014 goals

goal_setting_plan_stepsI speak with a lot of business owners about setting goals and determining how to get their businesses to the next level, whatever that next level might look like. Most of the time, especially this time of year, we as business leaders will look over what we accomplished (or didn’t accomplish!) over the past year and determine what we want or need to accomplish this year. Some of us will take a short view and launch outward, others of us will take the long view or horizon and plan backwards. Sometimes, we just set a goal and try to figure things out along the way.

One of the things that we may not be taking into consideration is why we didn’t accomplish certain goals last year, and what will be different. Doing the same thing the same way will net…the same results. Therefore, it is logical to assume that there was some reason that we did not follow through on some of the goals that we had.

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Managing Your Mess | Extraordinary Business

Leveraging IT to manage your business and your customers’ experiences.

IT Software Service MessBusiness owners spend lots of time trying to figure out how to make everything talk to each other, or copying and pasting information from one system to the other. More often than not, it results in one by IT mess.  In order to manage this mess, I have seen with many small businesses is “daisy-chaining” software solutions together.  The list of solutions might include:

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