What the Heck?

product marketing

10 questions to ask to avoid undermining your product marketing activities Recently, I was in the market for a new mobile phone because mine had been stolen. Working through my provider’s website, I was somewhat irritated because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for at a price I was willing to pay. I ended up stopping by the store, just to see what phones they might have in stock, just in case. When I arrived at the store, I was approached by a sales person, who listened to my needs and concerns before beginning to make recommendations. “For informational purposes” he showed me several of the latest and greatest items so that I could begin to benchmark capabilities.

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Extraordinary Business: Just Eat It!!

When someone presents a three year old with fresh vegetables, many times, the child will push it around the plate, play with it and perhaps even mash it up.  But more than likely, it won’t make it down the passageway behind the teeth.  Parents, who (typically) understand the nutritional needs of a three year old, … Read more

What are you REALLY Selling?

Again – What are you really selling?  Are you selling marketing or architectural designs or is it something more.  Think about the most memorable things you’ve done, be it an amusement park, a great restaurant, a cruise, etc.  Was it the ride you remember or the experience. What is it that your clients are actually … Read more

Chaos in the Marketplace | Extraordinary Business

Joel Alpert of MarketPower at an event last week, discussing the idea of positioning and clarity of the marketing message. During our conversation, Joel was kind enough to give me some marketing pointers (I am a strategist, not a marketer, Joel!), one of which was the  importance of presenting your goods and services in a … Read more