Digital Product Life Cycle Management

product lifecycle

Digital Product Life Cycle Management: Is It Right for Your Company? With the continual rise of innovation in digital technology, there are plenty of factors surrounding product innovation which businesses are desperately trying to adopt and implement. They are constantly looking for better and more effective ways to launch products. According to a detailed and insightful McKinsey article, plenty of research and development teams that manufacture industrial goods and products become adversely affected by fixed or traditional factors of their approach.

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Have an Idea and a Plan

Extraordinary Business: Have an Idea and a Plan! In a 2008 children’s movie, “Monsters versus Aliens,” General W. R. Monger reports to the President, “Mr. President, not only do I have an idea, but I have a plan!”  This is the mentality business leaders who wish to build extraordinary businesses must have. Building an extraordinary … Read more