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More Than Great Products: A Journey to Product/Market Fit We all want to be the first to introduce a new product to the market. We dream of being the creative genius that brings the next best thing to market and makes a fortune. But lightbulb moments come and go, and if they don’t fit into today’s consumer needs like a puzzle piece, they’re worthless.

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Get to the Bottom of Things! | Extraordinary Business

Finding out what is really going on in your business rather than treating the symptoms

imageWhen you talk about problems you have in your business, would a conversation sound like this?:.

You:“Man! This really a terrible business to be in.”
Brian: “Why do you say that?“
You:““Well, every time we go to do something to grow the business, we are always stuck.”
Brian: “Why is that?”
You: “Well…cash flow is really poor right now.”
Brian: “Well, that doesn’t tell me much. Why is cash flow poor?”
You:“Well, we have to pay for quarterly taxes and payroll – there was some overtime this time, and then one of the printers went down, so we had to have that fixed. It is out of warranty.”
Brian: “How did you get into this situation?”
You:“Well, we saw that there was a problem with this thing a while back, but thought that we could hang on for a while so that we could build some reserves…”
Brian: “You didn’t have any money in the bank?”
You:“Well…we needed to have a party for one of the employees…”
…and on and on. 

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