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Avoid getting so tripped up by the present that you lose sight of the future

A_Dominican_Farmer_UofM_fan_by_LakeFX - The long or strategic view

I admire farmers. Just about everything they do, from purchasing livestock to planting seed requires a combination of vision for the future, faith and commitment to see it through.

What makes it more amazing is that despite the number of things that could go wrong, from bad weather to insects to poor seed or livestock quality, they resolve to push beyond the risks to do what they do, every day.

I remember when I was a child, my mother had a vegetable garden where she grew tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans a a few other things. One year, despite everything she did, the garden simply did not produce to the level that she expected. If the garden was our livelihood that could have meant that things would be very rough for us.

What happens when you are a farmer with hundreds of acres of crops and you have a poor season? What if one year, you lose an entire crop and end up having to turn it over only to start over again the following year? Do you give up? Do you stand around and point the finger? Or do you do your homework, figure out what changed and resolve to ensure it is fixed by next year’s growing season?

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What about Me???


How to reach your target audiences effectively in order to create interest in what you are selling My phone was recently stolen while out and about with my family. While a bit disappointed (perhaps distraught and considering filing a missing person’s report), I decided to look at purchasing a new phone. While I am typically not the type of person who jumps on the latest tech innovation for the sake of it, and I am not necessarily a trend follower, I do look for things with the mindset of making the best investment possible. So the $10 upgrade plan at T-Mobile was probably not going to cut it.  At the same time, the latest, greatest Galaxy s$ and the iPhone 5 weren’t going to cut it…not interested in paying for bells and whistles. So where does that leave me? Who in the marketplace is actually speaking to me?  Which phone will fit my needs, presently and into the near future? Certainly BlackBerry seems like the standard industry standby, plus their new phones look pretty sleek and features seem to work…but I am not feeling as confident in that brand.  Nokia…interesting phone, but both Nokia and Windows have also had a history of issues.  Back to the iPhone…not interested in learning a new operating system – plus I have Android apps I have invested in.  HTC – love their stuff (my old phone was the HTC One S – fantastic phone!), but it is missing a few hardware features and doesn’t support the level of customization I am looking for…

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Non-Conformist | Extraordinary Business

Getting ahead in business requires doing not what everyone else is doing but doing things differently Take the road less traveled Have you ever been to an event where they gave you a check list of “stuff” that you absolutely need to do in order to “take your business to the next level?” Did they almost guarantee that you would be able to achieve whatever goals you set out for yourself by implementing their recommendations? Did they show you dozens of people and testimonials of people who used the system, followed the steps and became overnight successes? In the words of Dr. Phil, “How did that work out for you?”

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