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Taking an Operations Management approach to build your company and avoid substandard performance. imageIt is amazing watching the athletes perform in the 2014 winter Olympics. These amazing athletes from all over the world do things that most people could never do. You may think, in the back of your mind, that these people must put in a great deal of training in order to develop their craft. Despite their amazing capabilities, even those that fail to medal have skills far beyond the average athlete; they are the best in the world. Through natural ability, training, great nutrition and health, they’ve earned an opportunity and the right to compete. If an athlete just focuses on skating or skiing, but doesn’t develop the mental ability to press through, they probably won’t be as successful as one who puts more emphasis on overcoming the mental challenges. One who eats right is probably going to be more successful than one who periodically cheats on their diet. One who is committed to increasing strength, agility and speed will probably be more successful than one who is simply a great athlete. You see, there isn’t a one dimensional way of making it to the top. It is a combination of training activities, diet, mental and physical strength and skill that elevates and athlete to the elite status.

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