8 Questions You Should Ask When Assessing a New Market | Extraordinary Business

Market Research

–> Entering a new market is a crucial step. It’s true for multi-billion dollar conglomerates, and its also true for service-based businesses with revenues between $1M and $50M. Yet, quite a lot of companies are unable to perform a comprehensive analysis of the market they’re thinking of entering. From the potential size of the market to the behaviors and strategies needed to grow in that market, there’s a lot to cover on assessing new market.

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Moving it Forward

I worked with an organization, once, that had wonderful vision.  They worked and planned and planned and speculated for months.  They formed committees and subcommittees that reported to each other and to the board of the directors, that was also divided into several other categories.  They were “organized to the nines” and demonstrating it to … Read more

No Bailouts for Small Business…So What's Next?

Well, the reality is that you’ve got to evaluate where you are.  Your business might be at a critical precipice, and you need to be aware of it.  Many economists are suggesting that this is the time where many poorly run or fly-by-night small businesses are going to be losing their shirts and going out … Read more