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Business Development Strategy: A High-Growth Approach business development You hear them everywhere, acronyms and job titles that make you wonder what they’re talking about and what they do. When janitors are called Custodial Engineers, business meetings are filled with jumbles of letters you aren’t quite sure how to decipher, and sales, marketing and business development no longer mean what they did twenty years ago, it gets to be too much.

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Components of a Successful Sales System

According to Dave Kahle, of the Kahle Way, a sales system is “a set of principles, processes, strategies and tools that are put into place to bring the company results day-in and day-out.”

Steps in the processEssentially, what this means is that the company has a specific set of steps to find, nurture and convert leads into sales.  The problems that many businesses face are two-fold:

  1. They have no specific process or tools in place to do get sales (no sales system) and all of the sales people do seems is right in their own eyes
  2. They use a single tactic to find and pursue leads

By not having a specific process and set of tools in place, it is very difficult to predict what your sales might be and to tell what is actually working.

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Following the Crowd or Innovating Approaches?

Doing the same thing you have always done and continuing to get results that don’t meet your expectations is a waste of your valuable resources – time, energy, opportunity (to be doing something else) and probably business cards.  Many business owners tend to race around doing the same things that everyone else is doing because they feel that this is the only way to achieve the goals that they have.

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