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How to make sure your business has everything it needs to grow When I was a younger guy, whenever I would get a gadget, while I might have enjoyed it, I always thought about what the toy will be like in the future, perhaps with the same anticipation as many people have about the next generation of mobile technology. One of the things that always bothered me was the question of why things weren’t designed to be used with the next generation of products.

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Stone Faced | Extraordinary Business

How to make sure that you are doing the things it takes to grow your company

Still fishing the same old way?Growing your company – or any business, requires change. But that change has to enable the company to move toward a specific goal. Beyond creating a strategic plan, doing more marketing, advertising, hiring great people, here are seven things that you have to do:

“But this is what we have always done!” is a comment that probably resonates with a lot of people. Especially those who have created processes and systems and invested a lot of time and energy into certain activities. Some might call it the “comfortable spot” while others might harbor on “what if change is wrong?”

Here’s the thing: there may be some things that do get you, as a business leader, the results you are looking for every time. Every day, your results are hit out of the ballpark and you couldn’t be more thrilled. But that doesn’t mean a) you shouldn’t evaluate it to see if it could be done better. or b) there aren’t other ways to accomplish the same thing faster, better and at a lower cost!

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Thinking Different | Extraordinary Business

imageWhich is more important – character or cash flow?  Heard by some, the almighty dollar rules over men’s and women’s lives.  An observer might say that many of us – business leaders – lead very transactional lives.  Everything interaction, everything that we do tends to focus on how we can gain, how we can get better, further or more secure in our existence.  Character seems to be the thing of academia or religious circles.

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Challenge Everything | Extraordinary Business

There is a video game company called EA (Electronic Arts – that used to use the tagline “Challenge Everything.”  As one who, at times, must question the natural order of things, this tag immediately appealed to me.  Many of my clients often hear the question of, “Why?” when they propose ideas.  The goal isn’t to belittle the idea or thought, but rather, to make sure that the idea is completely thought out.

As business leaders, we nee to understand and question everything around our businesses.  As someone said to me, once, “You need to inspect what you expect.”  Even if we feel like we understand certain things, or that certain things appear to be part of the natural order, understanding “why” something is done will often serve to ensure that the product or service or idea does have merits and has been completely thought out. 

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Chaos in the Marketplace | Extraordinary Business

Joel Alpert of MarketPower at an event last week, discussing the idea of positioning and clarity of the marketing message. During our conversation, Joel was kind enough to give me some marketing pointers (I am a strategist, not a marketer, Joel!), one of which was the  importance of presenting your goods and services in a … Read more

Welcome to 2010

Happy New Year! The title sounds like the ominous beginning to a Science Fiction novel or movie from years gone by.  They probably would have said something about the advances in technology, such as deep space flight, robotics and artificial intelligence and cellular phones.  They would also talk about society – usually in terms of … Read more

Leveraging Your Strengths

As a business leader, it’s always interesting being in a position to ride out a recession.  I can’t help but wonder what will be different.  How will consumer preferences change?  How will their spending patterns change?  What are businesses doing to regroup?  How many businesses merged and what will they look like when they emerge? … Read more

Keepin' it Movin'!: Motivation to Continue to Strive

I believe in always looking forward. I believe in sharing goodwill. I believe that community starts with me. I believe that my company is here to serve. I believe. What do you believe?  What are you doing about it? Where ever we start out, we start out with an idea or a dream.  We want … Read more

Knuckle Up! Anti Me-ism

One of my favorite movies is “The Matrix,” the sci-fi film where robot battle with mankind and eventually take over the planet, leaving mankind in a vegetable state, plugged into a computer mainframe known as The Matrix.  In the movie, people begin to escape from the Matrix, and form a literally underground colony known as … Read more