Only the Beginning

Do you ever think about what makes extraordinary companies extraordinary?  Not just from a financial standpoint, but from an all around standpoint.  Not looking at the size of the company, but rather the impact it makes.  Not looking at salaries and benefits, but rather employee commitment.  Not looking at growth potential but rather, a shared … Read more

SSDD.and do it All, Again

“Same Stuff Different Day,” or versions of it has been made an infamous response to greetings, made famous by movies featuring employees of “corporate America.”   The people that use this phrase are those who begrudgingly go to work, push their pencils around all day, confuse “hardly working” with “working hard,” take long lunches, call off … Read more

Seeing the Light

Have you ever met someone who had a belief about something that just seemed to be stuck on that belief.  A friend of mine has that obstacle in her life.  She’s told me time and time again that she cannot have what she wants in life because she cannot afford to go to school, it’s … Read more