Marketplace Leadership | Extraordinary Business

Can your company reach the top of the marketplace? Perhaps…but it won’t happen by accident.

imageRecently, I had an opportunity to post an article on Capture Commerce, an internet conversion company based in the Atlanta, GA area, lead by its President, Tom Shivers.  Tom’s clients have had a history of rising to top spots on Google by using his sophisticated SEO strategies.

Tom and I spoke a couple of weeks ago during which the topic of marketplace leadership came up.  Tom feels that any company can reach the top of their marketplace, and feels that part of the problem is that business owners just don’t seem to think so. Of course, I share that belief; this is the very concept behind building an extraordinary business. Many businesses enter the marketplace every day, but it is those that strive to be leaders in their market space that become successful businesses. Otherwise, you are stuck in survival mode.

From our conversation, I put together a post “Marketplace Leadership Builds an Extraordinary Business,” which you can see on Tom’s website.  Here is a link to the post. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts or feedback,.


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