Extraordinary Business Planning: Steeling the Blade

In the restaurant industry, most professional chefs are familiar with the term “steeling the blade.”  Steel the Blade It is method of smoothing the edge of a sharpened blade and removing small pieces of steel and carbon that are beginning to break off the edge of the knife.  It is not meant for sharpening the knife, but rather, extends the capability for the knife to continue to cut.

As business leaders, we are often faced with the idea that going back to school might be helpful, but may take far more out of our lives than we can fully commit to.  I, for one, am a living testament to this, where I worked on several graduate level degrees, but do to family and business commitments, I was unable to finish the programs.  Don’t get me wrong; I did learn a lot about a lot of things in the program; it certainly was not a waste of time or energy.

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Getting the Word to the Masses | Extraordinary Business:

any, despite the fact that they are cute, fun, purebred and the sire comes from a great bloodline. Many business leaders approach their marketing with the same perspective: they’ve got a great product or service, and feel that simply because they exist, they are entitled to market share.  Furthermore, they feel as that business cards, … Read more