How Extraordinary Leaders Reach Their Potentials | Extraordinary Business


Has your professional growth hit a ceiling…and you don’t even know it? That’s the very question Michelle Vitus and Christy Tonge ask in their latest article for TLNT.  Vitus and Tonge’s observation is right on point: “In the tech sector, as in other industries, many bright, competent professionals sail through their early careers, only to plateau a few years later due to under-developed and highly coachable soft skills like self-awareness, consensus-building and executive presence.”

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How Johnson & Johnson and AMEX Are Developing Young Leaders | Extraordinary Business

I read a really interesting statistic recently in a joint article from Ray, Williams, and Wellins on Harvard Business Review. They mentioned “Over the next decade, approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers will retire every day. Young leaders will have substantial opportunity to climb the corporate ladder – by 2030, millennials alone will comprise three out of every four individuals in the U.S. workforce.

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Wise Counsel | Extraordinary Business

Wise King SolomonKing Solomon, of the line of the Kinds of Ancient Israel once wrote in his book of Proverbs, “Listen to wise advice; follow it closely, for it will do you good, and you can pass it on to others: Trust in the Lord.” (Proverbs 22:17-19)  Now, Solomon was reportedly the richest and wisest man that ever lived with a estimated income of $709 million per year.  This estimate seems to be limited, however, to the gold and silver he received, and not the other valuable trade goods he received each year.

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Getting to the Top | Extraordinary Business

Stephen Jones of Growth Strategies, demonstrated the “real deal” of social media marketing.  Guess what: It wasn’t easy It wasn’t quick The formula had to be tweaked based on response and feedback from potential clients and partners Getting to the point where JV partners would promote products or services took more work than just making … Read more

Pondering Pollen | Extraordinary Business

In Atlanta, like other cities, from March until the end of April, we are faced with one of the most debilitating repertory inhibitors: Pollen.  The pollen begins to fall, from everywhere, like a light snow, covering everything with yellow dust.  While many of us celebrate the arrival of spring, many more suffer from the onslaught … Read more

Eat or Be Eaten | Extraordinary Business

Is it an enemy?    Could this be a threat?  Should we RUN?!?!  The split-second decision path often keeps it out of the paws of would-be predators. In elementary school, they call that ADD.  In the business world, we call that being savvy.  It is what can make the difference in the success or failure of … Read more

Striped Horses | Extraordinary Business

Who are you, really, and what will you do about it? My wife and I were discussing the way people dress in life and the difference between those that dress authentically – the way that they feel and the way they want the world to perceive them – and those that dress, well, corporately, or … Read more

Falling Down | Extraordinary Business:

A Japanese proverb says, “Fall down six times, get up seven.”  While we don’t always talk about the endurance it takes to run a business, and the chaotic environment in which we try to exist, it is important for us as business leaders to look at things for what they are: challenges to overcome. Overcoming … Read more

Green Eggs and Ham | Extraordinary Business

Dr. Seuss wrote a book called, “Green Eggs and Ham.”  In the first few pages of the book, an elderly gentlebeast is sitting quietly while a younger gentlebeast runs by, quickly, first with a sign that says, “I am Sam.”  Then, he returns with another that says, “Sam I am.” Now, the elderly gentlebeast does … Read more