4 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them | Extraordinary Business


faux pas made by your peers, it’s entirely possible for you and your business to emerge from the five-years of hard work with positive financial prospects. To discover the major mistakes that many entrepreneurs make – and how you can avoid them – keep reading!

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Invest or Die | Extraordinary Business

Strategic Investing Imagine if you purchased a brand new car.  A car, by itself, is a significant investment.  This car, however, is the one that you’ve always wanted.  Therefore, it means so much more to you.  You might consider it your ‘baby,’ and if you are anything like my brother-in-law, you will name it, wash it almost daily, wipe down the dashboard and upholstery at any sign of dust and keep anyone under the age of 12 out of it unless they are directly related.  But they must be clean and come wrapped in plastic.

Now that you’ve gotten your car – would you refuse to invest any more into it?  Would you refuse to put gas in it because, well, we all know that after a while, the gas will run out?  Would you refuse to do oil changes.  I mean, heck!  It’s just going to need another one in 3,000 – 5,000 miles, right?

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The Right Tools for the Job | Extraordinary Business

As restaurant chef said to me once, “it’s a poor chef that blames his failure on his tools.”  While this may be true, I suspect that the better the tools, the more they could get done with a greater likelihood of consistency. As a business leader, in any industry, I am certain that you can … Read more