Buckshot Marketing: What's REALLY Working?

Is your marketing really working? How do you know? Are those pens you are handing out really making an impression? Is the time you spend on Twitter and other social medias paying off? Are your endless networking meetings paying off? How do you know? This has been one of the challenges put before business owners … Read more

Great Posts from Across the Web

The New Era Of PurposeHuffington Post, NY… article on March 12th, even Jack Welch declared the obsession with short-term profits and share-price gains as “a dumb idea.” At best, it acknowledges the critical role that profitability and strong performance plays in making a business viable. … There’sa big difference between the Great Depression and Economic … Read more

It's 08.08.08…Do You Know Where Your Website Is?

I was doing some research for a client recently and came across a website called the website grader – www.websitegrader.com.  This was an amazing site: it gave me a real-time analysis of my website and some recommendations on how I could better structure it.  As someone who feels that “websites are the windows to the … Read more

Is Your Website Earning its Paycheck?

Millions of companies across the world have created beautiful websites with great tools and information that they want to be their “number one sales person,” and are waiting for customers to beat a path to their door. Unfortunately, this isn’t the Field of Dreams. Your website is like any other resource you employ; it takes … Read more

Okay…my site has LOTS of traffic…now SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

WEBSITE CONVERSION. Yep…that is what we are looking at and talking about when you want to actually make some money off of the website you’ve spent so much money on to do everything in the world but fry eggs. Or, for that matter, for the one-page site that you are using to promote whatever product … Read more