Strategic Innovation for the Win

Disney+ strategy

What we should learn from Disney’s “Innovate or Die” As a business owner, you expect change to happen.  As a matter of fact, the only thing in business that stays the same is the need to change—especially in the face of a global pandemic. As product availability, buyer habits, staffing, and distribution changes rapidly in response to or in anticipation of the external environment, business owners need to be agile. In the period of economic and environmental uncertainty, business agility is not just a strategic advantage. It is a requirement for survival.

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Awaken your Entrepreneurial Mindset!


How your entrepreneur mindset will guide you to adapt to marketplace changes and stand out during tough times When you started your company, you probably saw a problem that needed to be solved and felt like you were the one to solve it.  Whether it was building a better mousetrap or simply identifying time and opportunity, like every entrepreneur, you had every belief that you would go into business to succeed. Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”  Perhaps that is what gave you the courage to step off of what was safe and normal and take the plunge to pursue building your company.

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4 Ways Technology Continues to Revolutionize Business Strategy


Accelerating Returns Technology doesn’t follow a clear straight line today, it touches and changes everything. It improves and revolutionalizes business strategy exponentially, bringing about growth to all it touches. When applied in the business world, you get accelerating returns instead of linear advancement. As Greg Satell, a former SVP at Publicis Groupe and Co-CEO of KP Media notes, ‘accelerating returns is the new economy‘. Let’s take a closer look at four ways that technology can strengthen and elevate the new destination of your business through the coming year.

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How Technology Supports Business Growth | Extraordinary Business

How does technology support business growth? The short answer is that it can support business grown in just about any way you can think of. Technology has become a way of life today, cutting across business industries and markets. The power of cutting-edge technology, in whichever way it may be relevant to your business, makes more things possible than you may know. As you work on growing your business and expanding your organization, technology will support you in numerous ways. Let’s look how technology can support you with different aspects of business growth.

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A Strategic Advantage Your Firm is Missing: Innovation | Extraordinary Business

Where do you see your company in the next ten years? At the same place? Larger? Perhaps in more markets? If you are like most business owners, you have some vision for where you would like to take your company. The thing is: growth doesn’t happen by accident, and staying in business doesn’t happen by staying the same. Whatever your vision, you will need to gain some level of strategic advantage, and innovation is one of the tools that firms can use to gain it.

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