Can Anyone Hear Me?


Communicating with Your Audience How many emails, newsletters, phone calls, etc. end up in your inbox that you never have any intention of reading? Not even including the newsletters that you have signed up for, emails from people in your network, etc.?  How much does your company contribute to the noise?  How much unproductive time and energy are you spending trying to sort through all of the mess in order to be as effective as possible in running your company? More than likely, your situation is not unique. As business leaders, we need to be committed to measuring how successful our communications are – because that is how people become aware of us in the marketplace – and what that return on investment is.  If we are making investments and not receiving a return on it, we are simply wasting resources that could be committed to something else.

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Think About it.Write it Down

One of my mentors – Dr. Ike Rieghard, said to me that unrealized visions are.hallucinations.  Meaning that a vision is some place or some situation in which you can picture yourself of your business.  For example, my vision is to be an educator of strategic planning, strategic foresight and servant leadership.  If I never do … Read more