No More Excuses! Go Big! | Extraordinary Business

5 Reasons to get off your duff and pursue the dream you have for your business.

Go Big!What is the number one excuse business leaders have for not “Going Big?”  ACTUALLY DOING IT!!  You see, going big won’t happen over night, it doesn’t happen without a plan and some money, and thus, it doesn’t happen without YOUR commitment.  Business leader, you have to get off of your duff and do something about it.

Now…for clarity, going big doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to build the next Facebook or some ingenious product that absolutely changes the way people do things and can not live without (i.e. the internet?), but rather, that you have a business that is sustainable, that doesn’t require your 24/7 presence that allows you to make life choices such as, “when I am XX years old, I want to sell this thing and retire!”…or work fewer hours, or take on a different role, etc…  The alternative is to work your whole life, live hand to mouth and never have an opportunity to enjoy life the way you want to.  Going Big is your solution.

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Go Big! I Didn’t Sign up for This!! | Extraordinary Business

Figuring out how to plan and budget for small business growth.

imageAs a business consultant, I have worked with many business owners who came to me and said that they wanted to grow their businesses.  They are thinking about having a business that is larger, sometimes with employees or strategic partnerships and serve more, larger more sophisticated clients.

Sounds awesome, right?

Well, it depends on the business owner.  Growing a business often means that the business is going to be more sophisticated.  There is typically more money involved, more people, more customers with increasingly diverse needs and wants.  As a result, this more sophisticated business requires more management, will be exposed to more oversight and will gain more attention in the marketplace, for both its successes and failures.

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Go Big! Getting Started | Extraordinary Business

The Fist Step: Go Big!One of the most difficult challenges I have seen with business owners who want to move their businesses to the next stage is determining what the next stage – or the final stage – should look like.  While “take it as big as it will go,” and “I want to be a global organization” sound good, what that might mean to me might mean something different to you.

Many companies find that the people who start the business aren’t equipped with the tools to keep the business operating over time.  When looking at running a much larger company than what they currently have, the business owner needs to think in terms of how they might fit into the company.  Do they have the experience to manage larger markets, larger production facilities, a larger customer base, more revenue, etc.?  Do they have the ability to manage dynamic costs as the business experiences different market and economic conditions?

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Go Big | Extraordinary Business

Why Go Big?

Go BigBusiness leader – it is time to Go Big.  You have made it through what has been the worst part of the recession.  You’ve lost employees, customers, credit terms, maybe even locations, yet, you have survived.

Here’s the thing: you didn’t start your business to simply survive.  While it is exhilarating getting up before dawn and working until well after sunset…(is it?  Really?)…perhaps there is more to life than working.  Perhaps friends, family, children, (your life!) might agree.  Perhaps you don’t have to at it “one against the world.”  Perhaps there are people who can do some of the things that you do…perhaps even better.  Perhaps even faster to the degree that you may not have to get up at 4:00 am, unless you want to.

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