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spotting marketplace trends

Spotting trends in the marketplace that could affect your business We live in amazing times; I am told that my children absolutely NEED cellphones – by their GRANDMOTHER.  New computers, tablets and phones arrive on the horizon almost daily.  The internet is nearly ubiquitous.  People have changed the way they spend and invest their money.  Global warming is now more than a crackpot fantasy; we are experiencing it!  Each year more and more people are working remotely or building businesses out of their homes. What does it all mean? It means that if your company plans to do the same thing you have always done in the same way for the foreseeable future, you may end up out of business.  One of the components of building an extraordinary business is ‘Always be Innovating,’ meaning that the marketplace and industry are like moving targets.  As soon as you have the situation locked down, the situation changes.  If you aren’t innovating, you are getting left behind.

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2012 – Seven Steps to Extraordinary | Extraordinary Business

imageThe year-end/start of the new year often marks a mile-marker for people in all walks of life.  New tax year.  New goals.  New expectations.  New resolutions.  I believe that many of us create expectations for ourselves that we have every intention of pursuing, but neglect to think in terms of how to actually accomplish them.  One of those has to do with personal or professional improvement.  While it might be great to increase revenue or increase productivity, the “how” is often the debilitating factor.  I am not suggesting that the goals are logically impossible or impractical, but rather, without evaluating the “whole picture” the goals are idealistic and success unlikely.

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Sustainable Communities | Extraordinary Business

The Marketplace – including customers, clients, potential clients and other businesses Vendors – people who we purchase goods and services from who essentially make it easier to do our business Employees – people who work for us and essentially are the driving forces behind our businesses Investors – who have demonstrated and put money behind … Read more