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How to make sure that you are doing the things it takes to grow your company

Still fishing the same old way?Growing your company – or any business, requires change. But that change has to enable the company to move toward a specific goal. Beyond creating a strategic plan, doing more marketing, advertising, hiring great people, here are seven things that you have to do:

“But this is what we have always done!” is a comment that probably resonates with a lot of people. Especially those who have created processes and systems and invested a lot of time and energy into certain activities. Some might call it the “comfortable spot” while others might harbor on “what if change is wrong?”

Here’s the thing: there may be some things that do get you, as a business leader, the results you are looking for every time. Every day, your results are hit out of the ballpark and you couldn’t be more thrilled. But that doesn’t mean a) you shouldn’t evaluate it to see if it could be done better. or b) there aren’t other ways to accomplish the same thing faster, better and at a lower cost!

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Starter or Sidelined? | Extraordinary Business

With Super Bowl XLV around the corner, the conversation these days is around who will win.  According to, the Packers are the popular choice over the Pittsburg Steelers.  Everyone has their theories about why they’ve chosen one team over the other, using criteria such as injuries, experience, heart, coaching style, key people, etc.  I’ve submitted my vote for the Steelers.  Unfortunately, I, like many of us, will be a spectator, rather than a player, watching the game.

What about you?  What about your business?  Is your business in the game or are you on the sidelines?SuperBowl - Sideline or Starter

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