Keep Your Hand on the Plough! | Extraordinary Business

What happens when business leadership splits their attention in the business or doesn’t focus on changes in the marketplace?

Nobody's miding the ploughA wise man once said, “Keep your hand on the plough and remain focused so your rows will be straight and your harvest will be plentiful.” In an agricultural society, this made sense; it was something that farmers could relate to:

If they took their hand off the plough, the blade wouldn’t break up the ground so that they could plant their seed; if they took their eyes of the plough, there was a great chance that their rows wouldn’t be straight so that they couldn’t plant as many rows. Straight rows provides the greatest efficiency of space in planting.

In either case, their crop yield – how much product the farmer would get from the crop – would be much lower than it would be had they paid attention to their work.

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