Extraordinary Business: Just Eat It!!

When someone presents a three year old with fresh vegetables, many times, the child will push it around the plate, play with it and perhaps even mash it up.  But more than likely, it won’t make it down the passageway behind the teeth.  Parents, who (typically) understand the nutritional needs of a three year old, … Read more

Extraordinary Business: What’s Your Brand?

In this society, we are exposed to more media and commercials than ever before in the history of the world.  In it, we are bombarded with commercials for everything from bleaches to sodas to department stores, etc.  If you think about the purpose of these commercials and presentations, much of it has to do with … Read more

What are you REALLY Selling?

Again – What are you really selling?  Are you selling marketing or architectural designs or is it something more.  Think about the most memorable things you’ve done, be it an amusement park, a great restaurant, a cruise, etc.  Was it the ride you remember or the experience. What is it that your clients are actually … Read more

Chaos in the Marketplace | Extraordinary Business

Joel Alpert of MarketPower at an event last week, discussing the idea of positioning and clarity of the marketing message. During our conversation, Joel was kind enough to give me some marketing pointers (I am a strategist, not a marketer, Joel!), one of which was the  importance of presenting your goods and services in a … Read more

Digging out of the Sales Slump – the 4 “R’s” – from Doug Grady

Getting to the top isn’t ever going to be a free and easy ride.  There will be bumps in the road, there will be pitfalls, detours and everything else.  Doug reminds us that through it all, we need to stay focused. “You’re ridin’ high in April, shot down in May.” –Frank Sinatra If you are … Read more

Getting to the Top | Extraordinary Business

Stephen Jones of Growth Strategies, demonstrated the “real deal” of social media marketing.  Guess what: It wasn’t easy It wasn’t quick The formula had to be tweaked based on response and feedback from potential clients and partners Getting to the point where JV partners would promote products or services took more work than just making … Read more

Loving the Unlovable | Extraordinary Business

In the military, they were quite point blank – “Straighten up or we’ll get rid of you and find two people to take your place who can do the job better.” Find out what makes them tick…and wind their clock. Option number 1 requires no investment in the person.  However, you’ve got to be committed … Read more

Carving the Elephant | Extraordinary Business

PEP assessment on the businesses (or people) you’ve worked with in the past, you would probably find that the personality or company culture that you worked best with in the past are similar – like or complimentary to your own.  You will probably find that your business will have a hard time relating to businesses … Read more

Pondering Pollen | Extraordinary Business

In Atlanta, like other cities, from March until the end of April, we are faced with one of the most debilitating repertory inhibitors: Pollen.  The pollen begins to fall, from everywhere, like a light snow, covering everything with yellow dust.  While many of us celebrate the arrival of spring, many more suffer from the onslaught … Read more