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Why Go Big?

Go BigBusiness leader – it is time to Go Big.  You have made it through what has been the worst part of the recession.  You’ve lost employees, customers, credit terms, maybe even locations, yet, you have survived.

Here’s the thing: you didn’t start your business to simply survive.  While it is exhilarating getting up before dawn and working until well after sunset…(is it?  Really?)…perhaps there is more to life than working.  Perhaps friends, family, children, (your life!) might agree.  Perhaps you don’t have to at it “one against the world.”  Perhaps there are people who can do some of the things that you do…perhaps even better.  Perhaps even faster to the degree that you may not have to get up at 4:00 am, unless you want to.

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Elevate Your Game | Extraordinary Business

Have you ever been to a store or worked with a business owner or a business that seemed to have a “think-small” or “scarcity” mentality.  What I mean by that is that there are certain business owners who spend so much energy simply trying to survive that they never get anywhere.  It is as though they have a boat with a hole in the bottom and instead of investing in repairing the hole, they focus all of their energies on bailing water out of the boat.  What they often miss out on is the fact that even if they don’t immediately have the resources to repair the hole, completely, if they are the only one bailing, there is no one sailing the ship.

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Lead the Way! | Extraordinary Leadership

Extraordinary Leadership What is leadership?  What makes a good leader?  What makes people want to get on board and own a cause or take some stance, against all odds?  Here are eleven characteristics we have seen in great leadership.

Looking at the various social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., we cannot help but see dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of quotes made by people that have been worthy of archiving and regurgitating over and over, again.  While many, if not most of the quotes have some immediate, perhaps motivational value, all of the quotes are part of the legacy these people left – an extraordinary legacy that is worth following.

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Be an Influencer | Extraordinary Business

Influencer The Small Business Influencers 2011 Awards from Small Business Trends was announced today on Business Insider.  You can read the article and who the influencers were here.  Congratulations to all of the winners.

As business leaders, while perhaps serving only local or niches, we are influencers and influenced by other people.  Being a great business leader suggests that you can sit in both seats, well.  While you might suggest that you can only be influenced by those who are great, who have walked the path before you, there are those, who, every day, see the holes or cracks and something that may appear to be insignificant, that could provide unique insight on how to fix it or make things better.  All he or she needs is an opportunity to communicate their insight on how something could be better.

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Throw Your Hat in the Ring | Extraordinary Business

boxerPart of building an extraordinary business is setting and committing to goals.  Businesses don’t grow just by inertia – creeping along and suddenly becoming an overnight success.

A friend of mine, Doug Grady, recently published an article the other day called, “Throw your hat in in the Ring!” which I thought was a great piece on committing to goals.  It is part of a book he is writing called, “The Ripple Effect.”  In the article, he talked about the difference between having a great idea and actually committing to it.  He likened it to the early days of boxing, wherein if one wanted to get into the ring to challenge another boxer, he would take off his hat and throw it into the ring, thus signifying his commitment to the challenge.

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Put a Sock in It | Extraordinary Business

Have you ever said something and immediately wished that you hadn’t said it?  It could be something in the heat of a sale, a discussion or a commitment you made to an employee, customer or other stakeholder.  Have you ever stopped to consider what the ramifications of that comment might be?

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Productivity | Extraordinary Business

Digging Yourself into a non-productivity hole. Poor productivity is one of the biggest time-wasters small business leaders face.  Whether spending time on Social Media or other non-productive activities, all of these things take time and money out of our day.  While there are the normal “time wasters” that we might use as down time or to recharge, there are those things that we do to waste time that we don’t even pay attention to.

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Follow the Postman | Extraordinary Business

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of
their appointed rounds” – “Motto” of the Postal ServiceFollow the Postman

As a young person, we had a mail man named Mr. Brown.  In our neighborhood, the mail carriers (still do) park their vehicles at the end of our street and carry the mail from house to house in their mail sack.  I remember that no matter what – rain, snow, wind, Mr. Brown was always there with our mail.

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Bucket Tippers

doing the right thing

“Don’t be a bucket tipper; be a bucket filler.” On the paper was a picture of two buckets – one standing upright, nearly filled with sand, the other laying on its side with the sand spilled out of it.  It was such a simple picture of trust and commitment to doing the right thing.  Extending from that, the trust that is built from continually doing the right thing.  Do you think a culture of trust could impact your bottom line?

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