Warning – Small Business Tsunami Ahead

Preparing for Changes in the Small Business Marketplace

imageTim McLellan, CPA and partner at B2Bcfo.com recently posted a newsletter that talks about the changes that are going on in the marketplace, with respect to small businesses and the baby boomer population.  Here is the article.  Definitely worth a read.:

In 2012, the first wave of more that 66 million baby boomers become 65 years old and will begin to draw Social Security.  By the end of 2012, 10,000 people a day will be turning 65 years old.   Many of these baby boomers own their own Company.  What will happen to these businesses as the owners continue to age?

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Business Wisdom from the Path

I’ve had the privilege of working with more clients than i can think of, and helping dozens of business owners and entrepreneurs get a bit closer to the vision they started out with for their business.  Over the years, I’ve had opportunity to observe many practices, learn and grow a great many ways, and share … Read more