A Little Extra Weight…| Extraordinary Businesses

Leveraging your people to accomplish your goals

imageSo many times over the years I have heard managers talking about getting rid of the dead weight. While that isn’t necessarily a problem, there is a problem with defining exactly what the dead weight is.  For example…if you rent a children’s bounce house and throw it in your backyard, but never turn the fans on so it will inflate, or don’t take care of it so it dry rots, it will become dead weight.  If you give it the resources it needs – exchange value – it will be a source of fun for (perhaps) you and your kids.

Companies all over the world face similar issues with their employees and getting the appropriate amount  of productivity out of them.  Surely, we have developed technologies to do more with less, automated systems and outsourced services, but even with those accomplishments, we still need to be able to define and measure the appropriate amount of performance.

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