So, since this economic recession is going to last forever, we should sit back and make it the new status quo.  Hmmm…doesn’t make much sense, does it.  So what are you doing to prepare for your emergence? While it is set in our minds that we are in a recession, and we are dealing with … Read more

Becoming a Economic Business Statistic – Part 1

At this point, I think we all realize that things are a little different this year than they were last year. Realizing that some have been bathed in financial security, I just want you to know that we are in an economic recession. That means that people are buying and spending less, creating a ripple … Read more

Using System Principles to Succeed in any Economy

In a challenging economy, or economic recession, many business owners tend to panic with respect to decisions that need to be made about the business.  Instead of planning, thinking through and making the best decisions, they tend to make decisions as though they are chopping away at a piece of wood.  Instead of strategically looking … Read more