Rather Brutish, Don’t you Think??


Identifying and reducing the risks of loss from poor to non-existent IT protection Living in the digital age has afforded us as small business leaders, to take advantage of many resources that were once only available to larger companies. At the same time, we are able to share more information than ever with the ease of a mouse click and a browser. While the up sides to all of this, the news brings us all kinds of information about what can go wrong with such great access, such as the Heartbleed virus, which quietly collected information about users. It was though they had a back door to the information we hold most private. Another challenge that we face in this age is that of providers who collect all sorts of information about what we do, such as what we search for, what we purchase, information about where we are, all of which helps to create a digital profile, probably with more information than you have about yourself. If that doesn’t move you, take into consideration that the very company that connects you to the internet – your ISP, has access to the same information.

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