Starter or Sidelined? | Extraordinary Business

With Super Bowl XLV around the corner, the conversation these days is around who will win.  According to, the Packers are the popular choice over the Pittsburg Steelers.  Everyone has their theories about why they’ve chosen one team over the other, using criteria such as injuries, experience, heart, coaching style, key people, etc.  I’ve submitted my vote for the Steelers.  Unfortunately, I, like many of us, will be a spectator, rather than a player, watching the game.

What about you?  What about your business?  Is your business in the game or are you on the sidelines?SuperBowl - Sideline or Starter

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Extraordinary Business | Refresh Your Vision

As business leaders, we are called upon by our stakeholders to start, run and grow a business.  Regardless of what business we are in, we must ensure that we are moving the company towards some vision that the people we affect can “buy into.”  In order to do so, we, as business leaders, need to believe the vision.  If your company has lost site of your company’s vision, it’s time to refresh it: get it off the shelf, review it, discuss it, get everyone on board with it and live it out.

Many mission and vision statements for companies are written, cheered about and put on the shelf, like so many trophies won by athletes.  It is something to be done as part of the course for running and growing a successful business.  As a result, the visionLeaders Drive Vision statement is forgotten and therefore, not part of the company culture.  As the organization grows and new levels of leadership begin to “take the reigns,” the company can find itself severely off course, especially since evaluation of the their belief systems has nothing to be measured against.

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The Googler: Eric Schmidt | Everyone Needs a Coach

CEO Catalyst, Kris Cavanaugh of Shift, Inc., goes on to explain how her clients, many of who are successful business leaders, have become not just effective business leaders, but also, effective people who are able to achieve things in their personal lives that they had previously given up on. “Similar to how a business is … Read more

Welcome to 2010

Happy New Year! The title sounds like the ominous beginning to a Science Fiction novel or movie from years gone by.  They probably would have said something about the advances in technology, such as deep space flight, robotics and artificial intelligence and cellular phones.  They would also talk about society – usually in terms of … Read more

It Was Just a…Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

I have two very sharp teenagers at home who tend to, shall we say, do the things that teenagers do. Of course, since they are boys, I get stuck having to “manage their behaviors,” which must be done. As a consultant, my goal is a) to get to the root of the problem, b) figure … Read more

A New Year is Approaching. Do You Know Where Your Business Is?

Make yourself a weekly schedule of different activities you will do centered around growing your business – for example, we take two hours of “off-line” time – time when aren’t actively involved in the business, and dedicate it as “strategy time,” and have it set up as an appointment in our calendar software – in … Read more

No Time for Strategy!!

strategy? For that matter, what is a strategy? How often do you go back and look at it? How often do you work on the goals that are going to help you achieve that strategy? Your strategy is your plan for accomplishing a particular goal vision. If you have a restaurant, for example, a particular … Read more