Bucket Tippers

doing the right thing

“Don’t be a bucket tipper; be a bucket filler.” On the paper was a picture of two buckets – one standing upright, nearly filled with sand, the other laying on its side with the sand spilled out of it.  It was such a simple picture of trust and commitment to doing the right thing.  Extending from that, the trust that is built from continually doing the right thing.  Do you think a culture of trust could impact your bottom line?

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Extraordinary Business | Refresh Your Vision

As business leaders, we are called upon by our stakeholders to start, run and grow a business.  Regardless of what business we are in, we must ensure that we are moving the company towards some vision that the people we affect can “buy into.”  In order to do so, we, as business leaders, need to believe the vision.  If your company has lost site of your company’s vision, it’s time to refresh it: get it off the shelf, review it, discuss it, get everyone on board with it and live it out.

Many mission and vision statements for companies are written, cheered about and put on the shelf, like so many trophies won by athletes.  It is something to be done as part of the course for running and growing a successful business.  As a result, the visionLeaders Drive Vision statement is forgotten and therefore, not part of the company culture.  As the organization grows and new levels of leadership begin to “take the reigns,” the company can find itself severely off course, especially since evaluation of the their belief systems has nothing to be measured against.

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